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1、Adhere to the people-oriented, establishing efficient specification, persistent excitation of human resources system, the construction of high-quality staff team, the implementation of talent strategy.

2、Clear to train internal staff, training strategy to introduce the external talent as a supplement of the talent, forging innovative spirit, have both ability and political integrity of the talent, the formation of a superior to understand business, good management, decision, will coordinate the backbone of the team.

3、Continuously improve human resources recruitment, training, performance appraisal, salary and welfare, incentive and organization optimization of six systems, strengthen the "incentive mechanism" and "competition", based on the effective control of human total, optimizing the personnel structure, improve the quality of personnel.

4、Create an environment for open, transparent, equality, tolerance, adhere to the "people-oriented, caring staff" concept, building a harmonious Jia Bo shi.